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Zane Hills wines are those who are looking for wines that represent good expressions of their variety and are great value for money.Increasingly wines from regional NSW are finding pride of place on wine lists in their home state.These wines are available only on selected wine lists in Canberra and Southern NSW
Zane Hills are wines that have been inspired by the need to introduce wines to consumers that are just plain fun to enjoy.Not pretentious and not over the top,these wines match most food styles and are great for everyday drinking.By supporting the Zane Hills wines you are supporting a Canberra based wine business dedicated to supporting Canberra clubs, hotels and restaurants.Zane Hills wines are only available in restaurants, clubs, hotels, bistros and cafes. However just recently they have now become available online.Zane Hills, supports various charitable organisations in Canberra including the community radio station ArtSound 92.7FM and 90.3FM in the Tuggeranong Valley and the Jazz at the Village and Poetry at the House Programs.